Commercial overhead door repair in Canberra

We offer unmatched strength with our commercial garage doors while maintaining the look of your business with our extensive color-match system.

Have a commercial space to secure?  

For our commercial customers, we know just how important it is to have access to your loading dock at all times, so our commercial overhead door repair in Canberra is essential for you. We have all the experience, equipment and replacement parts to repair and service commercial roller doors, so you’re not left locked out of your business.

Reach out to the team today, and we can be on-site within just a few hours to get started. We’re the rapid response team you deserve to stop any slowdown at work.

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We’re Efficient

It’s no surprise to us that our commercial customers want their doors repaired as soon as possible, we simply get on with it. Our repair people have everything they need to assess, repair and replace parts of your overhead doors, so you’re not left with employees and delivery people locked out of your business.

We’re the Commercial Experts

We’re delighted to say that we’re also experts in commercial and industrial roller doors. Although many of our competitors in Canberra only work for residential customers, we’ve made it our priority to work with business customers too. All of our staff know how to repair larger commercial doors, and how to replace motors, springs andother essential elements with ease.

Repairing Minor and Major Issues

If you’re a business owner, don’t wait until your roller door stops working entirely be-fore giving us a call. We can implement preventive measures to ensure your doors aren’t going to seize up at the most inconvenient times. We’ll happily work on minor repairs before worse comes to worst, so you’re not locked out of your business.

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With experienced technicians and decades of work, our employees are always here to offer the best in garage door services.

Need your door fixed now? Vantage Garage Repair is here to help!

New and Old Door Repair

A vast majority of our customers here in Canberra have doors that are almost 30 years old and are unsure about whether it’s possible to fix them. We’re happy to say that with our experience, we know just how to determine the make and model of a door, and where to find replacement parts. You don’t need a costly replacement with Vantage Garage Repair, just a simple spare part installation.

Prevention Solutions

In line with our affordability ethos, we believe preventing issues is the best option for our commercial customers. If you’re noticing odd rattles, snags and any other problems with your roller doors, give us a call right away. We’ll be able to work on repair and replacement part installation to stop major, costly issues from occurring.

Ongoing Services

We know our commercial customers use their roller doors more than just about anyone else in Canberra, so we offer affordable, ongoing maintenance services to keep a close eye on their doors. You’ll not need to worry about when an issue may occur, because the Vantage Garage Repair team has already undertaken preventative measures.

Additional FAQs

We need a rapid turnaround. Can you help?

Absolutely. We know our industrial and business customers have little time to waste, so our teams are dispatched as soon as you call us, making sure you’re not waiting for hours on end. Once we arrive, we immediately get going on the assessment of issues and the repair and replacement of essential parts.

Will repairs take a long time?

Thankfully, no. All of our repairs can be completed the same day in most cases. However, if you require a new garage door to be installed, or a specific part ordered, the process may take longer. Keep in mind that the team can work on a temporary fix for jammed doors, so regardless of the wait time for a part, we can have your commercial roller door pulled open or closed.

Are emergencies expensive?

No. When compared to our rivals, our services are incredibly affordable. We work hard to keep our emergency service costs as close to our traditional costs as possible. What this means is you won’t be finding yourself out of pocket more than $500 in almost all situations.

What’s included in ongoing maintenance?

We make sure to include as much as possible into our comprehensive maintenance and servicing solutions. We go over everything from cabling, garage door motors, rattling and snagging as well as signs of rust and water leaks. All of which ensure we have all the data we need to keep your door running smoothly for years to come.

Can you provide an in-depth quote before all work?

Of course. Give the team a call, and we’ll undertake a thorough assessment of all of your garage doors, or a single door, and let you know precisely how much your commercial overhead door repair in Canberra will cost.

What our customers say

“I run a business, and it’s vital that my roller doors open and close when I want them to, for climate control and deliveries. Lately, I’ve been having trouble with the doors soI called Vantage Garage Repair and they did a quick assessment. A few minutes in they let me know I needed a few new parts or the doors would stop entirely! They had them installed same-day, and everything’s working perfectly now.”

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