Garage Door Spring Replacement Canberra

Our springs are available in different capacities and different sizes. capable of balancing a heavy weighted door.

Guaranteed strong garage door springs

For those unaware, your garage door’s spring is what makes the entire system work, so when the spring is damaged, a garage door spring replacement in Canberra is vital. You’ll notice that your door becomes completely stationary if the spring is dam-aged or broken, so give the team at Vantage Garage Repair a call. We’ll be able to safely and reliably replace the spring at the lowest cost.

Whether late at night or during work hours, we can help install new garage door springs without a hitch. We’re your friendly local experts.

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A Team Who’s Happy to Help

With more than four decades in the field, we’re more than ready to help you out. We know how complicated and confusing garage springs are, especially for newbies, so leave it to the experts. We’ll assess whether you’re looking at a torsion spring or an extension spring and order in a new one right away. We might even have a same-day solution for you.

The Safest Option

As you may know, tinkering with springs at home is highly dangerous. These garage door springs are wound incredibly tight, and in the event they snap, they could severely injure yourself or anyone else in the garage. The Vantage Garage Repair team has the experience and equipment to get the job done safely and right the first time, so leave it to us.

Spring Replacements in Minutes

Because of our experience, we’re able to get the job done incredibly quickly. There’sno sitting around waiting for us to get our groove on, we’ll already know exactly what to do. It’s the stress-free and low-cost solution you deserve. We’ll have your garage door torsion springs replaced in a few minutes so you can move on with your day.


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With experienced technicians and decades of work, our employees are always here to offer the best in garage door services.

Need your door fixed now? Vantage Garage Repair is here to help!

Affordable Replacement Springs

One of our key perks is finding great deals or our customers. That means you’re not going to be left with a massive bill for installing garage door springs. We’ll find you an incredible deal and our low hourly rates will mean your entire service is more afford-able than anyone else in the city. Don’t break the bank for an essential repair; give us a call.

Same-day Solutions

In almost every one of our services, you can expect same-day turnarounds. We know what we’re doing, we have the parts and equipment on hand, so we use this and our experience to get the job done as soon as possible. We don’t leave our customers sit-ting, waiting for hours on end for a result, we know you have things to do. A Vantage Garage Repair is a repair that’s done on time, and on budget.

A Job Always Done Right

One of the worst things our customers can go through is having to call us back right after a repair, so we do a final assessment every time. After we’ve installed the new garage spring, we take an in-depth look to make sure it’s all done right. This way, when we leave, you’ll know everything’s done and dusted for good. No callbacks, no stressful seized garage doors.

What our customers say

 5 Star

“Fantastic PROFESSIONAL results!  They visited, quoted and completed the job in minimal time. Highest recommendation possible!”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Madison D, Kowen

“They repaired many doors for me over the years, I have always found him to be reliable and professional. He communicates well and always works with me to find the right solution.”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Sarah J, Hackett

Additional FAQs

Why can’t I do this myself?

One of the main reasons we suggest against DIY garage door spring replacements is because of their hazards. There are two types of springs, both of which are extremely tight and can come loose if tinkered with. In some cases, the springs can unlatch and fly into the face of those repairing them, causing injury. It’s best to leave garage spring repair to the experts.

Will you buy a new replacement spring?

Of course. All of our replacement parts and springs are brand new — unless our customers request the use of existing springs or materials. We make sure that everything we use is of the highest quality or at least brand new, so there’s no chance of a call back for a second repair or replacement.

Is the garage door spring replacement expensive?

No. We’re glad to say we keep a majority of our spring replacements within the $100 to $200 mark, though this will depend on the job at hand. Our fees will also include the spring itself, so there’s no need to worry about buying your own new springs.

How long does the repair take?

Because we’ve done these repairs so many times, we can get these springs replaced in around an hour. There’s no reason to sit, waiting for hours on end when you call us; we know how to get things done quickly.

Can you provide a quote before you start?

Yes. We take pricing transparency seriously and can send out a technician to take a look at the job at hand. They’ll let you know everything that will go into your garage door spring replacement in Canberra, so you know what’s ahead.

What our customers say

“I wasn’t sure what a garage door spring was until I talked the guys here. I just figured the roller door clung to the walls of the garage. However, the team let me know that my ‘sticky’ garage door was thanks to the springs not working as they should. The team got me the parts I needed, installed them in about an hour and had everything working like usual once again! Pleased with how simple the process was.”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Arthur H, Manuka

Common Problems

Whether it’s old or rusted there are a number of problems our customers find with garage door springs:

Need your springs replaced now? Vantage Garage Repair is here to help!

Out of balance springS

Is your door making noise when opening and closing? This is a common problem that can be caused when garage door springs are out of balance. And trust us, it’s not going to get better on it’s own. 

Loosened springs

One of the man issues with garage door springs is that they lose tension over years. This eventually causes garage door failure. That’s when you need a pro to help get them back on track.

loosened spring brackets

When it comes to Canberra garage doors it’s not always just the springs. The housing or brackets can also loosen over time, which leads to noise, slowness and even failure. 

Spring replacement

Sometimes a garage door spring gets warn out and simply needs replacing. When this occurs it’s important that an expert takes care of the job to stop any faults happening during the replacement.