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When you’re on the hunt for the perfect garage door, you’re in the right place.

Quality Workmanship

We don’t believe garage door replacements in Canberra should break the bank, so we work to offer our customers replacements and installation services that are more affordable than anywhere else. Whether you’re dealing with a jammed door, an older creaky model or a few too many dents, it’s time to give us a call to get on with your replacement.
Keep in mind we offer a comprehensive service, so that means everything from garage door cable replacement and installation services. We’ll order your door, delivery it and install it, all so you don’t have to do a thing.









We Do It All

We understand that the process of installing a new garage door can be quite confusing; that’s why we make sure the process is as streamlined as possible. With the help of the team, you’ll be all set without breaking a sweat. We deal with material sourcing all the way through to installation, so just sit back and relax.

Design Consultation Services
If you’re looking to renovate your home or change the look of your home’s facade, we have great design consultants on hand. A quick sit down with them will let you know precisely which door models will look best on your home, and which technologies will suit you best. We’ve made it effortless to change the look of your home’s facade.

We Stock All Doors

Just as you would expect from Canberra’s leaders. We have every door, make and model in stock. Whether you’re looking for a specific brand, or unique colour or style, you’ll undoubtedly find it with us. If you’re just looking to enquire, give us a phone call, and we will let you know right away whether we have your chosen door in stock.


Just some of the garage doors that trust our service

Perth Garage doors installation and replacement.Workers installing lifting system
Perth Garage doors installation and replacement.Workers installing lifting system

Colour and Style To Match Your Home

Our team is knowledgable, efficient and committed to making garage door replacement a breeze. 

Because of our experience and passion for garage doors our Canberra team can also act as design consultants – helping you create and design your replacement. We have access to all the best and cutting edge designs from the world’s best brands.   

So don’t put up with an old, tired, noisy and ugly garage door – call Vamtage today and add a garage door installation to your property or business deserves. All done with the speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness of Canberra‘s best garage door replacement specialists. 


With experienced technicians and decades of work, our employees are always here to offer the best in garage door services.

Need your door fixed now? Vantage Garage Repair is here to help!

Efficient Replacements

We don’t believe in keeping our customers sitting around, waiting for the replacement process to unfold. We make it our top priority to have your doors ordered, on-site and ready to install within just a few days. Once we’ve ordered and delivered your door, the installation process could be completed within just a few hours.

Always Affordable

Because of our forty years in Canberra, we’ve built plenty of local partnerships that allow us to grab the best deals all your long. If there’s an exclusive deal or a one-time offer, you can rest assured we’ll get it for you. We might even have access to hidden deals, so give us a call and let us know the door you’d like — we’ll find a saving for you.

Forty Years In Canberra

As you would expect, with 40 years of experience under our belt, we are the most knowledgeable and insightful team you will work within the city. We know exactly how to keep projects running on time and budget, so you’ll be having the most stress-free and streamlined garage door replacement possible.

What our customers say

 5 Star

“Renovated my door and fitted a new garage door opener. I found him to be professional communicated well and was excellent value for money. Highly recommend.”

5 Star Rview for Garage door installation in Perth

Thomas D, Kaleen

“Awesome service and advice, fast response and fixed my garage door problems in a flash.”

5 Star Rview for Garage door specialists in Perth

Lucas G, Symonston

Additional FAQs

Is it expensive to install a whole new door?

We work hard to keep our garage door replacements in Canberra as affordable as possible, which means you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $1700. A vast majority of our customers have their garage door purchased, installed and assessed for around $1000 so there is no need to worry about exuberant fees

Will the process take weeks?

No. Thanks to our great supply connections, we can have your garage door ordered in just a few days, and a delivery team will have it on-site within a single day after it’s delivered. The installation takes only a few hours, so you can expect the entire process to be completed within a week.

Can I choose my new door?

Absolutely. We have friendly design consultants on hand that will give you all of the information and direction you need to select your own doors. If you have a style in mind, or even a specific brand and model of door, let us know and we will get our hands on it for you. We may even be able to locate a great exclusive deal, saving you even more money on your garage door replacement.

Will you deliver the door?

Yes. The Vantage Garage Repair team undertakes all delivery services, so all you need to do is sit back and relax. We will have the door delivered in no time.

Do the new doors come with a guarantee?

Yes. All of the doors we supply for our garage door replacements in Canberra are covered by warranty, so any replacement or repair work is entirely free.

Why replace your door?

Whether it’s old or ugly or broken – there are a number of reasons to replace your garage door.

Need it replaced now? We’re here to help!

Broken door

Is your garage door just not working? Even the best garage doors have a limited lifespan. So why not let us upgrade your door to something that will make your property shine?


One of the man issues with ageing garage doors is that they start to become noisey. Save your eardrums by replacing it with a whisper quite new door today. 

Tired looking

There’s nothing worse than putting time, effort and money into your house or commercial property just to have it spoilt by an ugly garage door. Match your style with an upgrade to something beautiful!


As a garage door ages it can become a hazard. Especially if it isn’t regularly serviced. Failed springs and broken motors mean an old garage door can be dangerous to you and your loved ones.