Want to find out more about our garage door services? Answers to your queries can be found below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you outline the cost before you begin?

Of course. We can have our team member run a quick assessment and let you know what the expected cost will be for the emergency project. You may, however, want to skip over this step depending on how urgent the project may be as it could slow down your fix.

Is there a cutoff period for calls?

No! You can reach out to us for garage door repairs in Canberra at any time of day we’re always available. Whether you’re stuck with your door in the middle of the night or early in the morning before work, feel free to give us a call.

Are emergencies expensive?

No. When compared to our rivals, our services are incredibly affordable. We work hard to keep our emergency service costs as close to our traditional costs as possible. What this means is you won’t be finding yourself out of pocket more than $500 in almost all situations.

Will I be waiting a long time for the fix?

Not at all. Once we arrive, we will quickly undertake our multi-step assessment of your garage door and get on with the repair right away. Typically this allows us to have everything fixed in less than an hour, and often just a few minutes.

Will new parts and repairs be covered by warranty?

Yes. Our repairs are compliant with all manufacturer warranty, so reaching out to us won’t result in diminished warranty or guarantees. Our garage door repair will keep your door as good as new and remain covered by warranty.

Is it expensive to install a whole new door?

We work hard to keep our garage door replacements in Canberra as affordable as possible, which means you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $1700. A vast majority of our customers have their garage door purchased, installed and assessed for around $1000 so there is no need to worry about exuberant fees

Will the process take weeks?

No. Thanks to our great supply connections, we can have your garage door ordered in just a few days, and a delivery team will have it on-site within a single day after it’s delivered. The installation takes only a few hours, so you can expect the entire process to be completed within a week.

Can I choose my new door?

Absolutely. We have friendly design consultants on hand that will give you all of the information and direction you need to select your own doors. If you have a style in mind, or even a specific brand and model of door, let us know and we will get our hands on it for you. We may even be able to locate a great exclusive deal, saving you even more money on your garage door replacement.

Will you deliver the door?

Yes. The Vantage Garage Repair team undertakes all delivery services, so all you need to do is sit back and relax. We will have the door delivered in no time.

Do the new doors come with a guarantee?

Yes. All of the doors we supply for our garage door replacements in Canberra are covered by warranty, so any replacement or repair work is entirely free.

We need a rapid turnaround. Can you help?

Absolutely. We know our industrial and business customers have little time to waste, so our teams are dispatched as soon as you call us, making sure you’re not waiting for hours on end. Once we arrive, we immediately get going on the assessment of issues and the repair and replacement of essential parts.

Will repairs take a long time?

Thankfully, no. All of our repairs can be completed the same day in most cases. However, if you require a new garage door to be installed, or a specific part ordered, the process may take longer. Keep in mind that the team can work on a temporary fix for jammed doors, so regardless of the wait time for a part, we can have your commercial roller door pulled open or closed.

Are emergencies expensive?

No. When compared to our rivals, our services are incredibly affordable. We work hard to keep our emergency service costs as close to our traditional costs as possible. What this means is you won’t be finding yourself out of pocket more than $500 in almost all situations.

What’s included in ongoing maintenance?

We make sure to include as much as possible into our comprehensive maintenance and servicing solutions. We go over everything from cabling, garage door motors, rattling and snagging as well as signs of rust and water leaks. All of which ensure we have all the data we need to keep your door running smoothly for years to come.

Can you provide an in-depth quote before all work?

Of course. Give the team a call, and we’ll undertake a thorough assessment of all of your garage doors, or a single door, and let you know precisely how much your commercial overhead door repair in Canberra will cost.

How long does a service take?

Considering there isn’t typically a replacement or significant project being undertaken, these jobs can be completed in less than an hour. We’ll go over an assessment of the door, look for signs of an issue and work to repair them quickly. It’s as quick and straightforward as that.

What do you cover in a service?

As you’d expect, we go over as much of your door as possible. That means there’s an in-depth look into the roller door’s cable, motor, the rotor teeth and more. We also take a look at the state of springs and the door’s panelling. We do our best to be as thorough as possible, leaving no issue overlooked

Will you fix what you find?

Absolutely. Anything we find that’s out of the ordinary or odd will be fixed on-site. We often bring with us a range of replacement parts as well as servicing equipment, so a same-day, the at-home fix is possible without issue.

Is servicing expensive?

No. We work hard to get everything done as efficiently as possible so that you’re not left to pay through the nose for our services. Most of our customers have their com-plete service finalised for just $100 to $200, depending on what needs to be fixed. If you’d like a quote upfront, give us a call, and we’ll have a team member take a look and let you know final pricing.

Will you take a look inside the opener and the springs?

Yes. As this is an integral part of your garage door, we make it a top priority to look over these pieces and find any potential issues. It’s how we ensure we’re offering a comprehensive garage door service.

Why can’t I do this myself?

One of the main reasons we suggest against DIY garage door spring replacements is because of their hazards. There are two types of springs, both of which are extremely tight and can come loose if tinkered with. In some cases, the springs can unlatch and fly into the face of those repairing them, causing injury. It’s best to leave garage spring repair to the experts.

Will you buy a new replacement spring?

Of course. All of our replacement parts and springs are brand new — unless our customers request the use of existing springs or materials. We make sure that everything we use is of the highest quality or at least brand new, so there’s no chance of a call back for a second repair or replacement.

Is the garage door spring replacement expensive?

No. We’re glad to say we keep a majority of our spring replacements within the $100 to $200 mark, though this will depend on the job at hand. Our fees will also include the spring itself, so there’s no need to worry about buying your own new springs.

How long does the repair take?

Because we’ve done these repairs so many times, we can get these springs replaced in around an hour. There’s no reason to sit, waiting for hours on end when you call us; we know how to get things done quickly.

Can you provide a quote before you start?

Yes. We take pricing transparency seriously and can send out a technician to take a look at the job at hand. They’ll let you know everything that will go into your garage door spring replacement in Canberra, so you know what’s ahead.