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Let’s Get Your Garage Doors Back on Track Any Time of The Day

 We can get to your garage door faster than anyone in Canberra.

We know that every so often our garage doors can become stuck at the most inconvenient times, so an emergency garage door repair after-hours is on the cards. Thankfully, the affordable expert garage repair team in Canberra, Vantage Garage Repair have you covered. We’re affordable, friendly and available 24 hours a day.

Don’t be stuck with your home open to thieves, animals or the weather, give us a call today and we’ll have the door working as it should in no time.

So if you’re stuck right now don’t wait – call Vantage now for a free quote over the phone. 










No Wait Time

When you’re in an emergency situation, waiting isn’t an option, so we’re on our way from the moment you call us – day or night. Once we arrive at your home, we’ll get right on with assessing what the issue is and utilising all the equipment we have on hand to get your door back in working order. It’ s the stress-free solution you deserve from us.

Highest Quality Every Time

When we order and install new parts, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality possible. We’ll be able to reach out to our supplier partners to get you an incredible deal, but also great, reliable replacement parts. You’re not going to have any after-hours trouble in the future with these parts, so calling us back for another garage door repair in Canberra won’t be anything you need to worry about.

Affordability is Priority

To some businesses, it’s customary to take advantage of their clients in emergencies, though not the Vantage Garage Repair team. We make sure to keep our callout fees as low as possible, regardless of what time it is. That said, don’t be worried about bill shock with us, it’s about getting your garage working again, not lining wallets.


Just some of the garage doors that trust our service


With experienced technicians and decades of work, our employees are always here to offer the best in garage door services.

Need your door fixed now? Vantage Garage Repair is here to help!

We’re Specialists

Far too many garage repair teams have no idea where to begin in an urgent situation, and we’re happy to say we’re the total opposite. Once at your home, we will know exactly where to look and what to work on to get your door open or closed. We carry all of the right equipment and spare parts with us, so an on-site, immediate repair is possible.

Canberra-wide Solutions

There’s no suburb of Canberra we don’t serve in our emergency garage repair, so wherever you are, feel free to give us a call. We have teams across the city, so that means there’s going to be someone close by. It will take a few minutes for one of us to arrive, so you’ re not sitting for hours with your garage exposed. It’s the peace of mind we take pride in offering.

Qualified Tradesmen

To ensure all of our repairs are regulatory compliant and correct, we’ve worked to certify everyone who works within the team. We’re more than capable of undertaking repairs of all difficulty levels, even late at night! If you’re reaching out to us, you’re getting the services of the best in Canberra, so you can rely on our incredible repair jobs.

What our customers say

 5 Star

“Fantastic PROFESSIONAL results!  They visited, quoted and completed the job in minimal time. Highest recommendation possible!”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Madison D, Kowen

“They repaired many doors for me over the years, I have always found him to be reliable and professional. He communicates well and always works with me to find the right solution.”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Sarah J, Hackett

Additional FAQs

Will you outline the cost before you begin?

Of course. We can have our team member run a quick assessment and let you know what the expected cost will be for the emergency project. You may, however, want to skip over this step depending on how urgent the project may be as it could slow down your fix.

Is there a cutoff period for calls?

No! You can reach out to us for garage door repairs in Canberra at any time of day we’re always available. Whether you’re stuck with your door in the middle of the night or early in the morning before work, feel free to give us a call.

Are emergencies expensive?

No. When compared to our rivals, our services are incredibly affordable. We work hard to keep our emergency service costs as close to our traditional costs as possible. What this means is you won’t be finding yourself out of pocket more than $500 in almost all situations.

Will I be waiting a long time for the fix?

Not at all. Once we arrive, we will quickly undertake our multi-step assessment of your garage door and get on with the repair right away. Typically this allows us to have everything fixed in less than an hour, and often just a few minutes.

Will new parts and repairs be covered by warranty?

Yes. Our repairs are compliant with all manufacturer warranty, so reaching out to us won’t result in diminished warranty or guarantees. Our garage door repair will keep your door as good as new and remain covered by warranty.

Common Problems

Wonder if you need Emergency Garage Door Repair? Here are some common problems:

Need your door fixed now? Vantage Garage Repair is here to help!


Is your door stuck in a loop cycle? This is quite a common problem (usually caused by a motor problem) and one that definitely requires emergency garage door repair from a team of experts. No point wasting your precious power!

Garage DOOR stuck

Is your garage or roller door stuck halfway? Don’t worry! This is a common problem for people that need emergency garage door repair. While there’s a number of reasons this occurs rest easy our experts can solve them all.


Garage door remote just not working? We’ve found a lot of customers stuck in this situation. But rest easy – no matter what the brand or style of your garage door we can have it fixed in a flash. 

Door doesn't close

A garage door that wont close can be a very frustrating problem. What’s worse, you leave your valuables open to theft or your home or business open to theives. That’s why you need to get to your door fixed and closed as quickly as possible.